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Coast Guard Auxiliary Uniforms

The Dinner Dress Blue and White Uniforms are indicated for more formal occasions.

The Dinner Dress Blue Jacket is worn without shoulder boards. The trousers should be of the same material as the jacket. A pleated, silver cummerbund, 5 inches high, is worn with the pleats facing upwards. The combination hat is worn with this uniform. Miniature medals and devices are worn.

The Dinner Dress White Uniform is similar to the Dinner Dress Blue Uniform except that coat is a White Coast Guard Mess Jacket. The appropriate shoulder boards for the Dinner Dress White Jacket, are naturally, the Dinner Dress Shoulder Boards. These Shoulder boards are somewhat smaller in size than the Enhanced Shoulder Boards. Both are rigid, unlike shoulder boards used on Auxiliary coats or sweaters.

The Tropical Blue Long Uniform is the most commonly used Auxiliary uniform. The Enhanced Shoulder Boards are worn with the Tropical Blue Uniform. This uniform is suitable for most occasions except those of a more formal nature. It generally is not used on patrols where the Operational Dress Uniform is most appropriate. Trousers are the same as is worn with the Service Dress Blue Uniform. The shirt is a short sleeve Air Force style shirt which is worn open and without a tie. A garrison or combination cap is appropriate for this uniform.

The Service Dress Blue uniform is appropriate for most meetings and classroom occasions. It is considered to be the "Official Uniform of the Day". The shirt is a long sleeve Air Force style shirt. The Coast Guard four in hand tie is worn with this uniform. Clip on ties are also acceptable. Ribbons, insignia, qualification devices and a name tag are worn with the Service Dress Blue uniform. A garrison cap,combination cap or Air Force cold weather cap may be worn with this uniform.

Coast Guard Auxiliary uniforms for women are similar in appearance to men's uniforms.

Uniform Diagram